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How do I communicate my design style and preferences?

We will have you fill out an online questionnaire related to your project plus provide you with options to send us photos, magazine clips, and even share with us on sites like Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram.  Tip:  Try to be specific about why you selected an inspiration image - this will help expedite the design process and keep us on task.

How do you charge for design services?

Our rates are based on complexity of the project, level of involvement by the client, expertise required, and anticipated timing and scheduling.  We prefer an hourly billing arrangement to keep things fair on all sides, and gives you some control over time spent on a project.  In this case a Retainer is collected up front to initiate services.  This retainer is held until completion of the project and applied toward the final bill due.  We will provide you with all the options available for your specific project once we get started!

How long can I expect the design process to take?

This varies by project and we can give you some idea of what to expect once we receive your project inquiry

form plus have a consultation. But in reality, the time it takes to complete the design process has more to do with

how decisive you are and how quickly you can make decisions, and will help you sift through options to keep it as simple as we can. 

Can you work with my contractor or architect?

Sure!  Make sure you communicate to them that you are interested in adding an interior designer to the project team. We may need to set up a meeting with all parties to review responsibilities and to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  Don't have a contractor lined up?  We can help with that too!

What if the project estimate is more than what I budgeted for?

The short answer is that we can develop project phases based on priority and scheduling to help spread out expenses over a period of time.  Some things may also need to be prioritized in preparation of future projects. 

We can provide you with recommendations to help you determine how best to proceed.

Can you still work with me if I don't live in the Chicago area?

Of course!  In fact, we have worked with a number of clients where we haven't even stepped foot inside their space!  Remote design,  or E-Design,  is a growing segment of our services.  There are a number of applications which facilitate the process to get you plans, design details, and even a web-linked shopping list.  Ask me how it works!

Do you mark-up items recommended for purchase?

Generally we do not markup any fixtures or furnishings that are being recommended to you as part of the process.
The only exception to this is if we purchase materials on your behalf, then there may be a procurement and processing fee charged as a percentage of the purchase.  If this applies, you will be notified ahead of time. 

What happens if I do not like the direction of the design?

This can happen from time to time.  Speak up and be specific!  Design and style can evolve, as can your needs. Also remember that as professionals, we are trying to help guide you and provide recommendations based on the info we have gained from you and about your home. Sometimes we even come up with solutions for design problems that you may not even have imagined!

What if I own or live in a rental property?

We can make recommendations for both for rental property investors or those living in a rental unit.  If you are an investor, we can provide suggestions to help you get the most bang for your buck with improvements as well as intelligent rental layouts for flexibility and function.   If you are a renter, there are ways to enhance your living environment temporarily without spending a lot of money or making changes that the landlord won't approve. Let us know and we can provide you with customized solutions.



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